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November 1, 2012
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Big Feature of November, Halloween ...

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 3:18 AM
Bonjour à tous en ce jour de la Toussaint. J'espère que vous allez bien, comme à chaque fois. Cette feature sera énorme, dans sa taille, et dans son contenu. De nombreux artistes m'ont émue et touchée avec leurs oeuvres, et je me dois de partager leur travail. En fin de feature également, un remerciement tout particulier aux personnes qui m'ont aidée à la donation de point pour le groupe "Inspiration-Creative" ! Bon visionnage !


Hello everyone on this day of All Saints. I hope you are well, as always. This feature will be big in size, and content. Many artists have touched me with their works, and I want to share their awesome creations. In the end, I also feature a special thanks to those who helped us with the donation point for the group "Inspiration-Creative". Enjoy !!


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Some of their works :

The spirit of the ground by Fleurine-Retore  Les charognards sans plumes by jesss33  voyage de nuit by jesss33  Portrait by MaliciaRoseNoire .:Gift: Illusion:. by Linelana Light in the dark by Fleurine-Retore  Spider Queen by MaliciaRoseNoire  :Gift: the White Huntress by Linelana  ~Mechanical Spider lilies~ by Linelana  Chrysalide by MaliciaRoseNoire  Lady Graveyard by Fleurine-Retore

The keepsake by Shades-Of-Lethe  Maybe.... by jesss33  Victorian Portrait by FictionChick  Justicia by Celairen  GIFT :: Oceanlord :: Sydrin by M-aelis  Commission - WIP - Tempo Slice by Kanthesis  GIFT : NESTY : for Moemai by sinath  Miss You by Gudulett-e    GIFT :: Hikaru :: Songshinee Contest by M-aelis  Jin x Gabriella :: Tatouages multicolores by sinath

Miss Kitchen by Gudulett-e  Post Purple by Celairen  :thumb306260951:  :thumb328396904:  Art gift - Anna Mathilda by Kanthesis  GIFT :: Kryseis Retouche :: Doll : Carole by M-aelis  This is our secret by Gudulett-e  :thumb208787727:  The Dreamerganic by TheAJDeviant  :thumb332871495:  Sinath illustrations by sinath

Nerys by TheAJDeviant  Tribute to Theo by Kanthesis  :thumb308367972:  Comfortably Numb by TheAJDeviant  ... by Creamydigital  Thunderstone by MaliciaRoseNoire  F-A-N-T-A-S-Y II by SilverCurlyART  ORIGINAL :: Doll in the Sky by M-aelis  Drawing Program by Kanthesis  Chara design - The girl next door by sinath  An evening of the summer end by Fleurine-Retore

THANK YOU  !!!! :heart:

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